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Welcome New Residents

welcome-forestWelcome to Sudden Valley Community Association (SVCA). Sudden Valley began developing in 1969 and is considered among the most desirable communities in our area.  It currently includes 3,241 platted properties of which 243 are condominiums oriented around the golf course and Lake Louise.

Downloadable files for New Resident Handbook (2011)

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The Sudden Valley Community Association is supervised by a Board of eleven directors elected from among the membership.  The Board directs the General Manager and supporting staff to assist in that effort.  Board and Committee members serve as uncompensated volunteers for the benefit of all members. Volunteers to serve the Association are greatly appreciated.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS The Board of Directors is comprised of property owners whose primary duty is to manage the affairs of the community. Members are elected at the Annual General Meeting held the first Saturday in November, serving three-year terms, with various terms expiring each year.

The Board has four officers:  President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  For the current slate of officers and contact information please visit the Board Contact page, or call 734-6430.


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The Annual General Meeting of owners is held the first Saturday of November each year.  Business includes the election of members to the Board of Directors.  It is extremely important that you attend or vote on this meeting since directors are being elected and special issues and dues are discussed. These issues are detailed in the mail-in ballot which accompanies the Annual Meeting Notice, mailed by the first week of October.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETINGS The Board of Directors meets on the fourth Monday of each month from 7:00 -10:00 p.m. at the Multi Purpose Room.  Homeowners are welcome to attend all board meetings.  There are two (2) Homeowner Comment segments during the board meeting to enable members to make statements or ask questions of the Board.  If you wish to discuss an issue of business with the Board, it must be included on the Meeting Agenda.  The Meeting Agenda, when completed, will be available on the Board Meetings page or available at the administration office.  To be included on the Meeting Agenda, email the Board President.


Association Board and its various committees: (these are on-going Commitments)

Board Chairs (elected by directors)

Finance Committee Joel Rodriguez
Nomination & Elections Committee Bill McRoberts
Communications Committee Paul Hope & Nick Flacco
Emergency Preparedness Committee Bill McRoberts
Document Review Committee Bob Almond
Architectural Control Committee Carol Bauman
Long Range Planning Committee Barbara Audley

Special Interests Volunteer Opportunities

Sunshine room Erin Isebrands 733-9087
Scout Leader Ward Naff 303-6671
Barn Theatre Group Dee Spreitzer 739-4142
Blood Drive Audrey Schwartz  
Bingo Women’s Club (Carolyn Leeper) 714-8901
Ham Radio Operators Bill Audley 676-6025
Weed flower beds Garden Club (Suzie Harber) 647-7807
Lake Whatcom Kiwanis Bill Audley 676-6025

Community Businesses


A New Image


Salon and Day Spa


Sudden Valley Community Church
Sunday Service 10:30 am
Dance Barn
Computer Repair  

Computer Touch


Valley Computer Services



Colorful Flowers



Sudden Valley Pro Shop

734-6430 ext. 332


Valley Market and Deli



Bob’s Burger and Brew


Creekside Coffeehouse

734-6430 ext. 246

19th Hole (Open Summers Only)


Tino’s Pizza & Pasta



Area Z

734-6430 ext. 204


Animal Control


Dead Deer

733-2080 ext. 3017

Wild Life Rescue


Yard Waste  
Clean Green Yard WasteEffective 2005, there is a dumping fee of $2 per load. A load is defined as a pick-up truck, garbage bag, trailer or bundle. A pick-up truck with a trailer will be charged as two loads.The Clean Green Transfer Station is located on Woburn Street near the corner of Lakeway and Woburn Streets in Bellingham. Look for the large sign next to the entrance on Woburn Street. The transfer station is open 8:30 am to 4:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. We are closed in December, January, and February.


SVCA maintains 24-hour security throughout our community.  Security officers are available by cell phone at 319-8200 or at 746-8442Home Security Checks are also available for a fee to all members in good standing.  Security will check on your home twice a week while you’re away.  Contact the Administration office to arrange payment; use the link above for the form, or obtain one from the Admin office. This form is also available in this handbook.

It is recommended for personal security that locks be changed when you move into your home.  It is also recommended that you install a deadbolt lock and sliding glass door security device where appropriate. Garage doors should be closed when not in use.  Contact the Security department if you should have a question or concern.

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